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Welcome. My name is Dan Misson and I’m a close-up magician based in Liverpool. I’m often asked why I like to perform magic. For me, it’s all about people. I love that look people get on their face when they are surprised by magic. Whether it's shock, amazement or laughter - in those moments, it’s less about the magic itself and more about the lasting memories I’m helping to make… but it’s still about the magic.

"I booked Dan Misson - The Magician for a large scale outdoor event with 200 people. He went from table to table performing an array of tricks and he truly showed us how it's done - leaving everyone completely baffled! Such a funny and hospitable performer too and he even got the most sceptical of individuals on his side! Highly recommend - He's great! Thank you Dan" 

Alison, Baltic Creative - Liverpool


Having a close-up magician at your wedding, birthday party, dinner, fundraiser or any other celebration isn’t about upstaging the main event. It’s the icing on the cake if you will: a way of bringing people together, warming up the crowd, providing a bit of entertainment when photos are being taken or the main course is being prepared.


When it comes to hiring me for your event, you’re the one who holds the cards, as it were. We’ll start by figuring out together exactly what will make your guests happy. And as for pricing, there are no additional fees up my sleeve.

'Absolutely astounding magic on Thursday night!! Completely blown away - have no idea how Dan did his tricks. He was sensational. Loved every minute.'

Helen, ODUK, Oxford

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Dan Misson - The Magician
Creating Lasting Magical Memories

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